Victoria | Spooky Boudoir

In case y’all didn’t know…it’s spppoookkkkyyyyy season! 
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and as you know, Boudoir photography brings me so much joy – so I AM PUMPED that the two finally came together for an epic shoot! Victoria and I were able to make these magical shots happen in-between some rain showers and as the daylight quickly started to dip into the marshy horizon. There is just something inviting (and in this case beautifully creepy) about the spanish moss hanging from the trees. This whole session was so much fun and it’s been one of the highlights of the dumpster fire year of 2020 (ha!). 

I always tell my clients that I’m a “quick shot” and it’s the truth. I LOVE helping you to feel so comfortable in front of my lens that by the time we finish our session you won’t even believe we’re done and you’ll want to keep going!