Melissa | Kennebunkport, ME | Part One

Kennebunkport, Maine

I had an amazing session with Melissa a few days ago. 
We adventured out to Kennebunkport Maine and dug our toes in the sand.
We were able to chat about life, photography, and all things Maine!
Melissa is also a photographer and was just such a natural in front of the lens as she is behind it! 
She was such a bright light….and there were so MANY amazing pictures from our session that i’m splitting this session into two posts! <3 

Since I’m super passionate about story-telling and really sharing the lives of the people I come into contact with I wanted you to be able to get to know Melissa a little more. 
p.s. you can see Melissa’s photography here.

// What do your Saturday mornings look like?

. . . My Saturday mornings are typically intended to be early rise and get the day started but our dog Bella always manages to climb into bed and snuggle us enough to where we stay in bed for an extra 20 minutes. Then we force ourselves out, grab some coffee and run out the door for a nice hike or trail walk.

// Currently thumbing through? (aka what are you reading lately)
. . . I don’t read as often as I think I should. I am a full time video editor and weekend photographer so visuals are bigger in my world. I am discovering a lot of digital magazines that I can sort through for hours on end and of course I am about to finish Big Little Lies on HBO which is amazing.

// If you could only eat three things for a week straight – what would they be?
. . . That’s easy. PIZZA! I love pizza haha also, I am latin so anything with pork. I love pork. In any way shape or form. Last I guess would be rice. just plain white rice I can eat that every day. 

// What are you passionate about?
. . . I am very very passionate about photography and everything that comes with it. I work a full time job during the week and choose to spend pretty much all my free time practicing photography. It doesn’t matter if it means being behind the camera, in front of the camera or editing photos. I am obsessed with photography.

// Your dream vacation location?
. . . My dream vacation changes every year. I love to travel so I guess what my dream would consistently be is to explore a new place with new kinds of people, food and views. Whether it’s on a beach somewhere or up in the mountains or in a rain forest. I could walk around a new place for days and days (and sometimes I do) Having new and different experiences is so important for your inner growth. This year my dream is small and I want to do Acadia National Park for my birthday.