Larissa | Madison, CT

Madison, Connecticut

Strolling down these New England streets is quickly becoming such a fun and beautiful way to pass the time.
A few weeks ago I met up with the beautiful Larissa in Madison and we were able to chat and snap away. She was such a joy to capture and I can’t wait to have more sessions together in the future – she’s a gorgeous lady am’i’right?

Let’s get to know Larissa a little better.

// Currently Listening to?
…Lately my music taste has been all over the place! I’ll go from some of today’s music to 90s throw back to Paramore, lol. My music variety varies.

// Your dream vacation location?
…My dream vacation would be to go to Thailand.

// If you could have any dessert in front of you right now what would it be?
…Anything ice cream related! I LOVE ICE CREAM! I would have it every day if I could.

// Currently thumbing through?
…This amazing book called “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s about creative living beyond fear; definitely one of my favorites right now.

// What was your last adventure?
…Two years ago when I went to Puerto Rico for the first time. Definitely an adventure to remember.