Kim | Black Pond, Middletown CT – White Dress(es)

Middletown, Connecticut

Kim is a joyful light.
I sincerely enjoyed meeting her and learning more about who she is throughout our session.
We bonded over our common love of Lecrae and chatted all about the hard times of singleness and the newness of marriage.
I love when clients quickly turn into friends in the span of just minutes, it’s a glorious thing.

Let’s get to know Kim a little better…

// Currently Reading:
…Captivating Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman’s Soul

// If I could only eat 3 things for a week straight, what would they be?

…Ramen, salmon, and funions  heheh

// What are you passionate about?
… I am very passionate about healing and unveiling beauty in people.  I dedicate my life to helping the youth in their healing process from trauma of sexual crimes, abuse, neglect, etc.  And a huge part of healing is wellness; my personal favorite is recognizing the innate beauty that’s within you despite what has been done to you and by you, and the strength&hope that comes with it. Then comes recognizing your outer beauty too and I enjoy how makeup can do that in a very fun way.

// Currently listening to:

…Anna Golden; specifically Take Me There on replay forever! And in between some worship music, I like listening to H.E.R. Vol. 2 (some good r&b)



Stay tuned for Kim’s PART TWO session in a gorgeous red dress!