Kallie | Essex, CT

Essex, CT

Kallie is a gem! 
She is the founder of the blog  But First Coffee which is this awesome space in the internet world. We met up in the beautiful New England town of Essex that had american flags everywhere and the light was hitting all the pretty places in the perfect times. We laughed and chatted about our dream retirement places and what we love doing on our days ‘off’, it was a great time to get to know one another.

Now, let’s get to know Kallie a little better! 


// What was your last adventure?
…Every day is an adventure! Cliche, I know, but I honestly think you should try to treat even mundane days like they are special. Last BIG adventure was a trip to Peru last year. The country was truly beautiful and the people even more beautiful. 

// Where is your favorite place to shop for good deals?
…I’m a Marshall’s girl through and through. 

// Currently listening to?
…Books on tape. Right now it’s “The Power of Habit” by Mike Chamberlain

// If you could have any dessert in front of you right now what would it be?
…Cake. Specifically a white cake with whip cream based frosting and fruit.