Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park

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I’m really excited to be sharing todays post.
The next few posts that will be geared towards our trip to Acadia will be all about the gorgeous hikes we took; and one of the first hikes we did was the Jordan Pond Loop. When researching all the different trails to hike I knew that this location and the trail itself was one that we didn’t want to miss. I stumbled across this guys website, Joe’s Guide To Acadia National Park, and it was full of such great information. He gave each trail a scale of how easy or challenging the hike was, some details to not forget, and helped to separate the hikes per each section of Acadia.

The hike itself was really easy, there were a few “more challenging” parts that required you to kind of walk over high sets of rocks, but it wasn’t hard. It would probably be a little more challenging for people needing to use a cane, otherwise you’d be A-OK. It was a longer hike, even though the mileage was only 3.5 miles it still took about 1-2 hours with the turns, different terrains, and stopping to look at all the beautiful things and take pictures. Out of all of the hikes that we did; this one was probably my favorite. It was just really, really, REALLY pretty.

Eddie and I stuffed my fanny pack with our phones, snacks, and some of my essential oils since I wasn’t feeling 100% and went on our merry way. Let me also just say that this fanny pack is THE BEST THING EVER for hiking; we bought it while in Bar Harbor because I didn’t feel like carrying my purse all the time and I am in love! I also may have begged eddie to wear his matching shirt with me – he said he felt like a goober but I didn’t even care; matching husband and wife for the win! I also used my essential oil necklace to help reduce some of my headache / sleepiness. This necklace seriously is one of my new favorites! I can just drop some new oils on the beads and they will hold the smell for at least 2 full days (from what I noticed) and help with aromatherapy; it was truly a life saver when I wasn’t feeling my best (and it is BEAUTIFUL).

Needless to say this was the best way to start our vacation while in Acadia.
I would love to go back and do this hike again in the fall – I can only imagine how even more gorgeous all of the changing leaves would make the area.


Jordan Pond at Acadia National Park
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