Hot Tea & Hogwarts

There is something absolutely comforting about a nice warm cup of tea.
I love slow moving mornings where i can hear the whistle of the kettle, feel the warmth through the ceramic mug, and the crispness of new book pages – especially if it’s the new illustrated harry potter book.

For my birthday this year eddie surprised me with the illustrated edition of harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. Let’s just say there may have been a squeal when I unwrapped it. I’ve begun to flip through the pages and have completely soaked my eyes in all of the beautiful words captured into an image. I find myself drawn into this emotional state, all of my senses are filled to the brim with joy – vibrant colors, delectable flavors, warm comfort, soft echoes, and spicy smells.

I’ve got to be honest.
I need to make slow mornings more of a priority.
Moments to just prepare for the day, fuel my body, and soak in some silence.
Also can i share a little secret with you?
I don’t really drink coffee anymore.
I may have a cup here and there every few months – but coffee just makes me super jittery.
So i’ve delved even deeper into my love affair with herbal teas.
After a co-worker shared a sample of this scrumptious liquorice and mint tea I was hooked.
I now have my hands on at least 7 of their flavors and each morning I play a little roulette with what i should drink. Most mornings I find myself leaning towards their mint teas because they are refreshing and have a lighter taste, but as the air gets more crisp i’m drawn to a more spicy flavor with some depth – like the spicy winter red.
I’m very picky with my herbal tea selections – and I must say I have been so impressed with teapigs and the quality of their teas (and the love they put into the process) and their amazing packaging that they will be one of my top choices for life. So if you’re a herbal tea drinker like myself and haven’t tried them yet – trust me, you’re missing out.