Bessie – Harkness Memorial Gardens, CT

Oh the fairy tale that unfolded during this sunrise session with Bessie.
She is truly a remarkable gem who shine brighter than any early morning sunrise.
Continue to reach for the stars and you’ll always shine brightly

// If you could only eat three things for a week straight: 
…100 % Fried chicken with fries, watermelon, or a breakfast burger specifically from plan B with tater tots. If healthy, chicken salad with mandarin oranges, stew of all types and sushi!

// Currently Listening to? 
…Demi Lovato and Jo Jo! Love me some badass ladies with killer voices

// Your dream vacation location?

// What makes you happy?  
…So many things so it’s really hard to pin point, but really anything that causes the moment after laughing big belly laughs where the world  gets really quiet for a blip of a second and everything that’s crazy melts away and you realize it’s all good.

// What TV show can you watch over and over again?
…Honestly I love anything super natural and mystery but a show id Watch a million times over is “lie to me” it’s just so good



PS – If you love Bessie’s dress you can find it here!!!