Sam | Colorado

Sam ((elah tree)). This woman – woah – like¬†woah. ūüėČShe is one of the most vibrant and fun individuals I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with – and yet she steps in front of…

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Colorado | Foggy Mountains

I feel like I could get super introspective and write thousands of words on how these images just resonate with my soul. The peeks of the mountains, the depths of the valleys, and the beautiful,…

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Beth | Colorado

It’s Beth ((from oak + oats)) again!We went galavanting through the garden of the gods in colorado springs – and my heart just filled with joy.The sun peeking through the mountains, the vibrant colors and…

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Your Tribe | Besties For Life

  Besties. Seriously – best friends should¬†always¬†get pictures taken together! <3¬†This session was absolute perfection!¬†watching these two ladies laugh and chat all while capturing their friendship through my little lens – it made the evening…

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Brand | The Painted Press

  When I opened this box from the painted press – my heart kind of skipped. This was the first time i saw my future name in print, minus when I write it myself for…

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