Beth | Colorado

It's Beth ((from oak + oats)) again!We went galavanting through the garden of the gods in colorado springs - and my heart just filled with joy.The sun peeking through the mountains, the vibrant colors and cool breeze, and the laughter filling the space between friends = marvelous. It's truly ...

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Your Tribe | Besties For Life

  Besties. Seriously - best friends should always get pictures taken together! <3 This session was absolute perfection! watching these two ladies laugh and chat all while capturing their friendship through my little lens - it made the evening fantastic. I was able to snap individual ...

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Brand | The Painted Press

  When I opened this box from the painted press - my heart kind of skipped. This was the first time i saw my future name in print, minus when I write it myself for fun. HA! I  am in love with all of the products from the painted press. You can personalize jewelry dishes - or choose from ...

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